What's In the Bag?


I carry these balls with me regularly:

I tend to use the Aramiths unless I need the greater impact of heavier balls. I used to strongly prefer small balls, such as my Cobras (see below), but since 2019 I have trained myself to feel comfortable with 4 7/8" balls and I really prefer them. I use the Neons (or the heavier Aramiths) in a manner similar to what baseball batters do when they put the weighted donut on their bat.

I use these as my backup balls:

I tend to use the Cobras until, for some reason, they aren't working. At home at The Lanes at Credit Union Place, the Cobras tend to deflect well, especially when I can hit the left pocket. The black bases help overcome the inconsistently-cleaned pin decks. When I try to use the Aramiths there, I see the balls blow by the corners pretty frequently.


In 2020 I finally made custom shoes from a pair of Converse All-Stars. I wear Leading Edge heels, usually H2, and aim for longer sliders, because they encourage me to slow down. In the winter, I usually slide on S6, but in the summer I usually need S10 and occasionally S12 at home to combat the humidity on the approaches.