The Adventure Begins

January 31, 2021

In October 2017, I wrote "I Could Have Been Good At This Game" for 5 Pin Universe. I wrote about growing up loving the game of 5-pin, having moderate success, then taking 12 years off, then becoming too fat to bowl, then losing 160 pounds, then beginning to compete seriously again. I ended that piece with these words:

I really can't stop myself from idly wishing that I'd known at 23 what I know today at 43. I'd love the chance to go back in time and sit my younger self down and give him a stern talking-to—something like the firm-but-fair teacher that you respected as a kid. If only. I could have been good at this game.

Well... I can't change the past, but I've decided that I'm not ready to pack it in, either. It's time for a new adventure, re-dedicating myself to the game that I can't figure out why I love.


Process Over Results

You might be wondering about the name of this site. Don't worry: I already hear Tom Paterson in my head gently reminding me that if I chase after results, I might not get where I want to go. I know, I know. What can I say? "The 260 Bowler" rolls off the tongue better than "The Bowler Wisely Dedicated to Continuous Improvement by Focusing on Process Over Results (For Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Qazaqstan)". I figured that if I could average 260, at least for more than a handful of weeks, then I'll probably have reached my goals of joining the ranks of the elite bowlers of Canada.

So what do I really want from this game?


My Bucket List

I don't remember how I answered this on the 5 Pin Universe podcast, but neither do you, so I get to make all this up now. Before I pack it in, I'd like to achieve the following, in no particular order:

  • PEI Open Champion
  • Make the playoffs at a Newfoundland Bowling Tour event
  • Bowl at a Club Tour event
  • Make the playoffs at a Club Tour event
  • Bowl at a WCBT event
  • Make the playoffs at a WCBT event
  • Maritime Masters Champion
  • Make the playoffs at the C5PBA Open Nationals
  • Shoot a 400 game (in front of other people)
  • Shoot a 1000 triple
  • Coach at the C5PBA Open Nationals
  • Coach at the Masters Nationals
  • Coach at the Youth Challenge Nationals

I figure I have until about 2035 to reach my competitive goals and maybe until about 2050 for the coaching goals, so I might as well get moving.


The Adventure Begins

I intend to write regularly about my training, philosophy, competitions, and results. I really want your help, so please feel invited to participate, here in the comments or elsewhere. I would love your encouragement and support, but even more I would love to hear your ideas, tricks, habits, philosophy, and criticism. I'm not going to reach my goals by you blowing smoke up my ass; I'm going to get there by dedication, hard work, good ideas, and the occasional swift kick.

I'm going to do a lot of things on this site: gather resources, share ideas, talk about my successes and failures, brag, whine, laugh, and cry. I hope you'll come along for the ride!

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