Practice Report: March 12, 2021

March 13, 2021


What's hurting me these days? Is it bowling with the scoring system on or it is bowling in front of other people? I don't want to become stuck as a "practice bowler" who can hit 38 strikes in 42 shots in practice, but doesn't perform when the bell rings. I decided for this practice session to try to gather some evidence about this by doing something I rarely do: bowling games.

I have noticed this pattern before: feeling very comfortable in practice, but having trouble when performing with the scoring system on and in front of other people. I feel comfortable, but it's somehow not the same, and I end up suddenly at 102 through 6 frames and wondering what happened. Even if I get that game to 225, it leaves a bitter taste in my mouth.

In this practice, I had a very pleasant surprise:

That's all right.

This felt quite similar to what happened last week in practice when I got on a roll. I glean from this that I'm finding it easier to get on a roll and that I stay on the roll longer, which would likely lead to more 340+ games, but I don't feel very comfortable with that if I end up averaging 225 the rest of the time. I had become comfortable averaging 235 by mostly shooting 195-275. It feels like a step backward to average 225 with one 340+ game in every 10, not to mention that that would add up to an average of... 237. Yawn.

Click here to read a detailed rundown of my practice session

Throw games to see whether my problem lies in turning the scoring system on. Focus on putting the score out of my mind. Try acknowledging the score, but remembering that the score doesn't change how I throw the ball.

Think about rotation. Put the ball up in the fingers. Feel the rotation off the fingertips.

I bowled this entire session with the Aramiths (4 7/8" / 3 lb 10 oz)

  • Warm up. 6 minutes. Nothing special.

  • Game 1. 285 after 57/4.

    • I'm just telling myself a story of what's happening early on. It doesn't mean anything.
    • I'm focused on rotation and letting it happen instead of trying so hard.
  • Game 2. Relaxed control. No stories. Just throw it. 180 with 3 strikes and 7 opens.

    • Focus did not seem there.
    • Frequently felt no intention on my shots.
    • I stopped myself once to reset my intention, but I suppose I just went through the motions rather than doing it.
  • Game 3. Reset the intention and feel the fingers. 373

    • Started on 6.
    • Predictably began thinking about the score.
    • I'm writing this to remind myself that that doesn't help.
    • Near perfect game.
  • Game 4. FEEL the fingers. 207

    • More comfortable. Felt the fingers more, but not enough.
    • Hit well, but only two strikes.

I wonder if I'm finding it easier to stay on a roll, by having one thing to focus on and adopting more of this robot mind mentality.



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