Practice Report: February 25, 2021

February 27, 2021


I decided to continue practising putting intentional rotation on the ball. I wanted to integrate two other key aspects back into my game:

I would evaluate my performance thus: meh.

There were some moments where I did well to get my left arm out for balance and I felt more solid at the foul line, but I think I did a poor job of sticking the landing, as it were. This led me to an insight that coach Paterson might not be happy with.

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The focus remains rotation, but I'd like to add "sticking the landing" on the shot all the way through.

  • Warm up 8 minutes.
  • Rotation and solid finish. Aramiths. 12 minutes. Take time on every shot.
    • Started to finish well towards the second half of the session. I need to remind myself about the feeling of finishing high, otherwise I tend not to do it.
  • Same drill. Neons. 12 minutes.
    • Mediocre. Up and down. I wasn't regularly putting everything together on a shot. I still find it too easy to step out of my shot.
  • Focus on the finish. Aramiths. 6 minutes.
    • Sticking the left arm out early seems to help both with balance and timing. I don't notice the effect on rotation, but I did get a little extra backup movement on the ball.
  • Same drill. Aramiths again. 8 minutes.
    • I managed to replicate the good results. Now I would like to build more consistency. After that, I'd like to stick the landing better.
  • Same drill. Aramiths. 10 minutes.
    • Some improvement. Timing is becoming more consistent. When I missed a few times, I got tentative and slow and lost trust. When I let my arm fly, it all came back. I've learned this lesson so many times.
  • Same drill. Aramiths. Put it all together. 12 minutes.
    • Good results. I'm now starting to focus on just an aggressive release and not worrying about the follow through. When I'm truly relaxed, the good follow through just happens.
  • Cool down. I shot 6 frames: X L-- R-- X X miss

Maybe my follow through doesn't have to be perfect right now. (Gasp!) I noticed that, from time to time, if I relaxed and focused on throwing the ball aggressively, then my follow through improved. On the contrary, when I focused on my follow through, then I did almost everything wrong. Maybe I simply don't feel comfortable trying to connect directly with my follow through. I suppose there are worse things. If I focus on throwing the ball aggressively, perhaps I instinctively improve my follow through.


I got some pretty clear evidence of this at one particular moment of my practice. It went like this:

I get the sense that there's a clue in there somewhere.



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