League Play: March 31, 2021

April 1, 2021

I felt really good this week in league play. I had some physical pain in my left shoulder, but not very much. I managed to block it out fairly easily. What I felt, more than anything else, was ease. It felt easy. I didn't bowl spectacularly, but I bowled really very well in almost every facet of the game.


I didn't find any new insights this time, but instead I put to use some of the things that I've been learning and practising over the past two months:

I didn't even need to think "Yeah. That's how it always is." Even in that second game, when I suddenly stopped throwing strikes, I was still hitting the middle. I noticed that I'd lost the good feeling of my fingers on the ball, so I paid more attention to that. I shifted my awareness, but I didn't push hard. The strikes returned.


So that's it. I just let good things happen and they happened.

Now let's see whether that happens again.