League Play: February 17, 2021

February 17, 2021



Now that I'm home, I can really feel the muscle tightness in my neck and behind my left shoulder blade. I felt good stretching earlier today, I didn't notice any pain during my sitting meditation, but when the bell rang tonight, the pain started almost immediately. It gradually increased in intensity as the night went on. I have a consultation with a personal trainer Friday, thanks to an endorsement from Brad and Ryan Glynn. I hope that this personal trainer can help me understand what to do to remedy this problem.


Tonight I focused on being more aware of putting good rotation on the ball. I achieved my goal. I guess that I executed very well on this at least 75% of the time.

I didn't think about any other parts of my mechanics, so I didn't show great balance throughout the night; however, I noticed some very good overall mechanics at times. I'll pay more attention Friday to the overall shot: balance, lift, follow-through, finishing the shot through the pins.


I was imprecise, but better. The results don't reflect how well I bowled. It felt like a 720 (whatever that means).

I had some absolutely gorgeous punches. There's nothing quite like hitting the dead center of a pin with 5"/3 lb 12 oz Aramiths. It makes a different sound and looks funny.



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