A Renewed Mental Approach

July 4, 2021


Last time I wrote about returning to my productive habits. Today I'm resolving to follow a specific plan to do exactly that. Right now, I suffer from having a handful of things to try and a lack of focus. The focus begins now.

The Plan

For July 2021, I resolve to practise ignoring physical issues related to bowling. I resolve to put mechanical issues out of my head, gently but firmly. I resolve to focus on the mental aspects of my game, namely:

I'm going to remind myself every day that this is my plan for July. I'm not sure which will be more difficult: sticking with the plan in the face of bad results or good results. Last time, I started scoring well, then I fell back into old habits, and then I ended up back here again.

Let's see what happens.

Many thanks to 5-Pin Universe's interview of Taylor Michel for prompting me to get my ass back in gear.